The Advantages of a Corporate Volunteer Program

Sure, there are many companies that have employee volunteer programs but there are more that don’t. There are so many advantages to employee volunteer programs and I thought I would list a few for you.

Provide great networking opportunities

Retain great employees and attract new ones

Share or learn skills outside the workplace

Build community awareness

Engage healthy and happy employees

Learning about nonprofits and how they connect in the community

Increase teamwork amongst your employees and improve performance

Highlight your companies social responsibility

Enhance productivity through engaged employees

Provide much needed assistance to community organizations

Build your brand and increase sales from awareness in the community

So how do you start:

Create a committee or engage a staff lead to spearhead the program

Communicate from the senior team of the importance of employee engagement

Include volunteer engagement as part of their benefits program

Survey your staff on what is important to them…it is important to get their input from the beginning

Start small and celebrate successes

Connect with a nonprofit that has meaning to your employees ( maybe it is an organization that your employees are already involved in)

Reach out to your local volunteer centre to find out what is happening in your community

Do your research….the idea is to connect with a nonprofit so that you can build a long lasting relationship with

Recognize the efforts of your employees and build this into a year long program

Dedicate an employee who can raise awareness and coordinate activities

Once you commit to volunteer engagement, make it part of your culture and plan for it…be proactive

Finally, make a difference in your community



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