Volunteer Management Workshops Available

Listing of workshops offered by Lori Gotlieb2013/14

Lori Gotlieb Consulting



Title: Marketing Your Volunteer Program: Are you buying or selling volunteerism. (half day)


Outline of workshop: Many volunteer programs promote the big picture of “why you should volunteer” and not always on who, where, when and why of volunteering. Are we marketing our programs to attract the right people at the right time? Are we just focusing on the selling and not the buying? This hands on workshop will look at target marketing and mass marketing techniques and how to recognize the differences between buying and selling volunteers for your programs.

We will look at the key ingredients to marketing a volunteer program and you will come out with tools for:

  • Targeted recruitment strategies.
  • Mass marketing strategies?
  • What motivates volunteers?
  • How to revitalize your marketing and      promotions.


Title: Youth Volunteers: What makes them tick and how do we engage them (1 to 2 hours flexible)


Outline of workshop: Volunteer programs these days require the flexibility to embrace our many different types of volunteers. Youth are a unique and excited cohort that want to help but don’t always feel that they fit in.

This workshop will outline the steps to a vibrant youth volunteer program. We will look at the volunteer management cycle under the youth lense and see where and when we can tailor our program to engage and excite youth to join us.

Title:  Connecting to the Boomer Volunteer

( 1 to 2 hours flexible)

Outline of workshop: Many an article has been written about the baby boomer but we still struggle to find engaging and meaningful work for this group. How do we engage a group that is highly skilled, willing to share and yet wants something in return?

We will assess the uniqueness of the boomer volunteer and learn how to successfully plan and market for this group. We will build a strategy to attract, screen and engage them in meaningful contributions.

Title: Tapping into the corporate culture, where do we go from here

How to work with both individuals and groups (half day)

Outline of workshop: This workshop will examine the different types of professional volunteers and how we can tap into this rich resource. There are many layers of partnerships that can be formed with many different types of professionals. We will look at how we can form partnerships with a variety of businesses and employees. What are the different types of relationships we can form? How do we find them? How do we nurture them? What is the difference in the rural vs. urban community?

Learning Objectives:

Who is a professional volunteer?

How do we adjust our administrative systems to respond to the professional world?

What are the different types of motivational factors?

What type of volunteerism is out there for the corporations to get involved in?

Volunteering for career development

Strategies to go from short term to long term relationships

We will look at different types of relationships

We will look at how to say thank you the right way

Title: Volunteer Management 101 for the 21st century volunteer (full day, but can be customized to half day) 

Level: General, basic for those learning, advanced for those looking to re-energize their programs

Should be a full day volunteer workshop

Outline of workshop: The world of volunteer management is rapidly changing. As administrators of volunteers we must understand and respond to the variety of volunteers, both traditional and new. We need to develop systems to work with the “new” volunteer such as schools, corporations and community groups, multi-generational volunteer while still supporting our “traditional” volunteer.

This exciting workshop will take the basic model of volunteer management and shake it up for the volunteers of today.

Learning Objectives: This hands on workshop is for administrators who want to re-energize and re-evaluate their programs.

  • They      will learn to respond to the changing volunteer environment.
  • The      key ingredients in the volunteer management cycle.
  • Targeted      recruitment strategies.
  • What      motivates volunteers?
  • Effective      screening tools.
  • How      to revitalize your volunteer recognition program.

Title: What comes after “hello”. How to interview and screen the “right “ volunteer. (half day) 

This workshop looks at the tools necessary to prepare for placing the right volunteer into the right position. We look at the goals for developing an interview and screening process. We will also look at determining fit and asking the right questions to fit the positions required.

This workshop will look at the key components to interviewing and screening for specific positions including what questions to ask that are appropriate to get the key information to base a decision.

We will also discuss orientation and training techniques for various tasks and finally we will discuss how to say no to a volunteer that is not the right fit.

Title: Managing Risk Workshop(half day and full day available)

This workshop looks at all the components of managing risk in your volunteer program.

Many volunteer positions have potential aspects that can be deemed as risk potential for both agencies and volunteers.

We will look at risk management tools through the eyes of the volunteer management cycle and how we can minimize potential problems.

We will look at what screening is and the appropriate tools to use for screening.

This can be an interactive workshop with opportunities for participants to work in small groups to discuss areas of risk that are common and develop solutions for these risks

Title: Working with special needs volunteers (half day) 

This workshop focuses on how to be inclusive in your volunteer program.

We look at what are special needs, how to recruit, train and retain volunteers with special needs. We will also look at the volunteer management cycle with a lense on accommodations and expectations. 

Title: Virtual Volunteering (half day) 

Many volunteers are looking for opportunities to engage from virtual locations. With the expectation that organizations may offer virtual volunteering opportunities, we will look at how you can build a volunteer base that can dedicate their volunteer hours from home or office. What kind of volunteering do you have to offer that can be done from any where? What measures do you have to have in place that will both support the volunteer and respond to your needs to manage the process.

Title: Advocating from within (half day) 

This workshop will look at how administrators of volunteers can build support from within the organization. How do we get others to include us in the planning process from strategic planning to day to day activities.

As a profession, it is important to be part of the proactive process not to be reactive to the problems. We bring to the table a wealth of experience and expertise in many diverse areas. We will look at these and discuss how to engage and involve others in our program.

Lori Gotlieb is the President of Lori Gotlieb Consulting. Lori was the 2012 recipient of the Linda Buchanan Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management. She is a community and corporate resource expert in volunteerism. Lori is an internationally published author and workshop facilitator who has taught workshops to many different audiences across Canada. Lori is a contributing author of the recently published academic book called the Volunteer Management Handbook, 2nd Edition as well has having articles published in both print and online, including a monthly contribution for Charityvillage website.  Lori is the past president of the Toronto Association of Volunteer Administration, a mentor for PAVRO, a content editor for the International Journal of Volunteer Management and member and Past Chair of the Advisory Committee at Humber College, Fundamentals of Volunteer Management and the Enriched courses. Lori is also a founding board member of Alli’s Journey and on the board of Community Outreach Program in Addictions. Lori continues to push the boundaries of traditional volunteer management through her writing and teaching.


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