Even Oprah Knows That Volunteering is Good For Your Health

In the December 2013 Oprah magazine there is an article about volunteering and feeling good.

This article is called The Do-Gooder’s Guide to Better Health. How helping others help you.

Based on a review of 40 international studies it been suggested that volunteering can add years to your life and some evidence is stating that could even be up to 22 percent reduction in mortality.

Volunteering even a few hours a week will give you a “helpers high”, which as I had stated in a previous blog, helps the brain pump dopamine into your system.

One interesting fact was that even youth who volunteered had health benefits from volunteering. This article stated that volunteering helped to reduce cholesterol levels just by volunteering once a week for two months.

This article has some really interesting information about how good volunteering can be for your health.

So why don’t people volunteer? Everyone should.

Schools should be promoting and teaching volunteerism. Companies should be encouraging employees to volunteer. Boomers who are retiring should start volunteering. Everyone should do it.

If you are not sure how to start or need some advice, please contact us at lorigotliebconsulting@gmail.com.

Read this article and make a call.


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