New and exciting workshops for 2014

Happy New Year to All

There is a frost in the air but a passion in the heart for jump starting the new year with a fresh series of workshops designed especially for your needs.

Over the past few months, I have been asked about working with committees and boards. One of the biggest challenges is attracting the right board or committee member and harnessing their enthusiasm so that they are contributing at capacity and gaining what they need from the position.

This is an area that many nonprofits struggle with. I have developed a workshop that targets how to find the right volunteer, how to interview them and how to keep them engaged.


Coffee tea or the right volunteer board or committee

Is it difficult to find the right committee or board member?
Once you have found them, are they contributing at their optimum?
Are you losing the ones you want to stay and the ones you want to leave won’t ?

There are so many questions to ask and this workshop will help answer some of the questions on attracting and engaging specialized cohorts for high level, committee, special events and boards.

Volunteerism is changing with the economic, social and technological changes. There are many specialized cohort such as young employees, youth, highly skilled volunteers out there looking to make a difference but their needs vary. They are interested in sitting on boards, working on committees, sharing their talents and learning as they engage.

This interactive workshop will look at who they are, what they want, where to find them and how to keep them

Learning outcomes

Understanding the unique expectations for each group
How to attract volunteers to your boards , high level and committees
How to retain volunteers through the volunteer management cycle
What kinds of recognition works for each group, where one size does not fill all




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