Taking time to give yourself some education

So January is at an end and you are probably starting to gear up to the spring season of budgets, workplans, special events and volunteer recognition.

This is also the time that you should start thinking about re-energizing yourself, your staff and your volunteers…so how are you going to do this?

It is really important to keep up to date with the trends and changes in volunteer engagement and what better way than to take some time to learn.

So here are some ideas to help you out:

Local associations are always providing opportunities for education within their monthly meetings, not only can you go to your own AVA meetings but you should also look at what others are doing

Conferences are coming up including the PAVRO conference in Ontario which will be held in May, so check that out

Take a look at what the colleges are offering as well, and see if there is a course that you think will help

What about getting some of your colleagues together who have common interests or challenges and hiring a workshop facilitator to come and deliver a customized workshop for your needs

Organize a workshop for staff and volunteers in your organization that work with volunteers and bring in a workshop facilitator to help you deal with your specific needs. For example: managing special event and committee volunteers

Provide a workshop for your volunteers as a tool for volunteer recognition ( what a great way to say thank you by providing education…your volunteers will love it)

These are just a few ideas…..for more ideas give me a call or email me and I will try and help you come up with a unique experience for yourself, your staff or volunteers

Take a look at my list of workshops as well, they can all be customized to your needs

If you dream it, you can do it



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