Going for Gold: Addressing Opportunities and Challenges for Volunteer Programs

I thought I would share with you a presentation that I developed that I think addresses many issues that we deal with.


Recruitment and succession planning
Staff and volunteer relations
Looking at roles that impact volunteers, clients and how to work with staff
Types of volunteers and roles (retention)
Internal and external engagement
Building partnerships both internal and external
Raising the profile through innovation
Using social media to attract different volunteers
Collaboration through team building
Using tools to measure activities and evaluate the cost
Using technology to educate volunteers, staff and patients
Working with administration and management to raise internal profile
Short term strategies:
Review existing program and supports
Gaps and opportunities
consistency and collaboration
Build a succession plan including coaching and mentorship
Take a pulse
Survey and focus groups of staff, patients, families and volunteers
Long term strategies:
Develop more intensive training for staff and volunteers to support retention and life long learning (develop skills and address multi-skilled volunteers)
Using creative approaches to touch lives of clients and the community
Develop a volunteer performance management system that aligns with the HR system to assess and strengthen volunteer retention cycle
Understand and address the “new volunteer” and expand the volunteer program to attract and retain (cross training, social networking, developing skills)to provide a community of care and innovation

Provide qualitative and quantitative data so that the organization and community understands the role of volunteer services (tell stories)

Intensify our marketing, presence and reputation as the volunteer program of choice
Increase profile and develop cross program opportunities for collaboration

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