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7 questions

7 questions


Lori Gotlieb in the know or news

I have had the opportunity to engage as a subject matter expert in a couple of media outlets in the past couple of weeks, thought I would share the link

This article had more than 1000+ views in the first 48 hours

I have also written an new workshop on strategic planning and tips and tools to get to the leadership table that I will be presenting in PAVRO conference next week.

Finally, I am thrilled to announce that the Volunteer Management Leadership Certificate Program is starting in the fall 2014 online and in person. I am excited to work with a colleague in developing the curriculum and will be teaching it in the fall.

So very busy, I am also teaching at a few more conferences and workshops in the coming months so stay tuned……



When it is time for a volunteer to exit

When it is time for a volunteer to exit

Attached is an interesting article from Charityvillage about how to handle the delicate conversations about shifting priorities and volunteers. As a subject matter expert, I was fortunate to be interviewed for this article. This is always a challenging aspect of our roles, and ones that we do not take lightly. Take a look and hope you get some good pointers from it.