The Essence of Excellence in Board Leadership

Board Leadership should include:

  • Engage in strategic planning and track the process and timelines.
  • Understanding the mission and the goals that relate to the strategic direction
  • Tracking the planning process, assign responsibilities and celebrate milestones along the way
  • Building a positive public image while communicating a collective message to the general public
  •  Each board member having networks to access skills that will help fill necessary gaps in board development and committee work
  • Clear role descriptions and accountability
  • Communicating the benefits and expectations of individual board members
  • Recognizing and celebrating successes throughout the year both formally and informally
  • Creating a two way communication stream between the organization staff and volunteers and the board
  • Ensuring board has the capacity to lead and has the required time and skill sets to achieve the goals
  • Utilizing skills and talents of individual members by keeping track of the extensive skills and talents in a skills bank. This information becomes evident as you go through the board recruitment process.
  • Planning for succession on an annual basis
  • Staggering terms of office for board members for seamless transitions
  • Recruiting for:
    • Diversity
    • passion
    • experience
    • willingness to learn
    • professional affiliations
    • disciplines
    • balanced board
    • expertise
  • Providing a structured orientation process and designate a lead volunteer to facilitate

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