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Orientation Checklist

Here is tool for building you orientation program:

Volunteer Orientation Checklist

(Developed by Lori Gotlieb Consulting)

Name of Volunteer:


Reviewed by:


The following items should be covered with each new volunteer that are applicable:


  • Copy of role description and volunteer assignment and expectation review
  • Overview of organization structure
  • Review mission, vision, values


  • Review organizational activities
  • Location of volunteer activity
  • Specific role function training schedule


  • Signing of any forms
  • Confirmation of schedule
  • Review of volunteer best practices (guidelines) and policies and procedures


  • Recording of volunteer hours
  • Signing in procedures
  • Introduction to facility and staff


  • Entrances, exits and fire drill routes and locations
  • Restrooms, lunchroom etc….
  • Use of equipment
  • Emergency contact name and number if problems arise





SAVE worksheet

Below you will find a worksheet that will help you as you develop your SAVE approach (see article link



(developed by Lori Gotlieb Consulting 2015)


How can you build in these areas?


Screening process


Structure and systems (SMART goals)


Support volunteers


Attainable volunteer roles


Attention and motivation


Validate through feedback


Value and connect with volunteers


Evaluate performance


Encourage and motivate volunteers and staff


End the relationship process




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