Join Kingston AVA for a double header of my workshops on November 24, 2015


Part 2: What is risk and how to manage it through the volunteer management cycle?

Many volunteer positions have potential aspects that can be deemed as risk for both agencies and volunteers. What keeps you up at night? How risky is your volunteer program?

Come out with tools and resources to improve:

* Screening           * Program development

* Interviewing       * Placing

* Supervision and support

* Evaluation and recognition


Part 1: Marketing Your Volunteer Program: Are you buying or selling volunteerism?


Are we marketing to attract the right people at the right time? Are we actually selling our organizations in the best way?     Once we have them, are we placing them in the right role?

Come out with tools for:

* Targeted recruitment strategies.

* Mass marketing strategies?

* What motivates volunteers?

* Revitalizing your marketing & promotions.


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