Build Skilled and Filled

Build, Skilled and Filled: A specialize volunteer program to attract specialized volunteer groups.

This multifaceted program will allow you to customize your volunteer needs based on projects that will attracted skilled and leadership volunteers to assist in your mission and we can help you build or enhance an existing volunteer program.

We provide a recruitment strategy customized to your specific needs and can assist your organization in building capacity for skilled and leadership volunteers.

At Lori Gotlieb Consulting, we will provide volunteer engagement expertise to create, develop and lead an engagement activity or program based on the exact needs of the employer and employees.

As volunteer engagement strategists, we provide more than 25 years of expertise recruiting, screening and placing volunteers and can lead the path to a meaningful experience for both the corporation and the nonprofit organization .We can:

Lead the strategy for planning a meaningful staff and or volunteer teambuilding experience

Deliver a series of workshops on volunteer marketing, risk management, screening or fundamentals of volunteer management to name a few

Assist in strategic projects at senior level (e.g. board engagement, risk assessment)

Build all necessary tools for volunteer engagement based on the Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement

Facilitate a team building workshop to encourage employees to get understand the potential that volunteers bring

v Develop an corporate engagement program and assist in building a self-sustaining partnership

Find the right volunteer with experience for you and liaise between the volunteer and your staff

Lead or support the volunteer activity in any way that the employer would like, either by managing the activity or working with the staff resource to manage.

Develop a process to manage employee’s volunteer activity so that both the employer and employee have an opportunity to monitor their activity and celebrate success both internally and externally.

Develop an employee engagement campaign that will allow you to sustain with your current resources

Assisting in the development of a youth engagement strategy

These are just a few examples of what our services can provide.

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