Hot off the presses: 2 exciting new workshops

I am pleased to announce 2 new workshops that provide concrete tools and resources to better engage and support volunteers and members

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Remember: volunteer management workshops are an asset to not just your volunteer management team but also to all of those (including board and senior leadership and volunteers) who work with and support volunteers. We are all have our part in the good health of our volunteer programs.

Feel free to reach out for customized workshops as well.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Title: The many facets of communication to avoid conflict: best practices to communicate and listen to your volunteers

This workshop will focus on the different styles of communication and how to best communicate for success.

We will look at communication styles, how others interpret information and best practices to be understood clearly.

We will discuss the pitfalls of communication and when and what form works best for your situation to avoid conflict

We will also look at how to deal with difficult situations and how to minimize those scenarios.

Title: Reaching Success in Succession Planning

Managing Boards and Committees can be challenging, especially if you are a volunteer driven organization or association. Volunteers are a vital foundation to the success of an organization or association but so much time is spent replacing, orienting and training leadership volunteers on an ongoing basis that planning and execution of goals can be difficult. This workshop looks at tools, resources and tips on how to build a strong succession plan that is easy to implement and keep your board or committee on track to success.