How Can We Teach Our Youth About Volunteering: The 5 W’s of Volunteering

A practical guide for youth volunteers: The 5 “W’s” for finding the right volunteer opportunity through an interactive workshop and exercise

This workshop is great for transitioning from middle to high school, career studies classes, those working to get their community service hours or through guidance courses to name a few;

Students will learn:

What is meaningful to them?

Where they can find this type of volunteer position

What do they need to know

Why is it so important to volunteer

What do volunteer programs  want to know

What are the ins and outs of a non profit organization that youth should know

Who to talk to, what to ask, what will they get out of it

When do they  need to do this

Why do they do what they do

Who do they speak to and what information do they need to have from me

What are they  going to get out of it

Just to name a few…..

” I remember one student asking me, why when I called a volunteer program, no one returned my call” This is an honest question that received an honest answer”

” Another student asked what else they could do, because the jobs posted did not fit into their schedule. We discussed the hidden volunteer market and prepared him to ask the right questions and offer up some information that would help facilitate a match”


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