Links to articles and resources

Did you really mean what you said?

Is your volunteer program sparkling like a precious jewel

The Hidden Value of Volunteer Management

Are you supporting your association volunteers the right way

Re- energizing volunteer recognition

Volunteer Recognition

Recorded webinar: Maximizing the strategic impact of your volunteer program

Maximizing the impact of your volunteer program

Charityvillage article:

Is your volunteer program becoming an antique?

Video Series on Volunteer Recruitment:

What comes after hello: Pre-recorded webinar

Goal setting: Do you have them, can you keep them

How do we pick a high impact place to volunteer

The other side of the coin: A volunteers perspective

Re-energizing volunteer recognition

Policies and Procedures: Foundation of a Successful Volunteer Program

The Top Ten Places to Find Volunteers

Challenges to Volunteering for Newcomers

Corporate Partnerships

Road to Volunteer Burnout

Volunteer Management: A Niche or Mass Market

Humber College Volunteer Management Leadership Certificate Program

How Can I Help:

Re Energizing Volunteer Recognition:

The Road to Volunteer Burnout:

Volunteering is the new botox: Inject some into your life:

Academic books:

The Volunteer Management Handbook: Second Edition





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